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Amended Swimming Timetable 2017/2018

St Diarmaid’s
(Ms Comerford’s 4th)
St Enda’s
(Mrs Sheary’s 3rd )


St Conall’s
(Mrs McCabe’s 5th )
St Declan’s
(Mrs Hanly’s 4th )

St Flannan’s
(Mr Smith’s 2nd )
St Eugene’s
(Mr Hayes’s 3rd )
24t h

St Fintan’s
(Ms Glennon’s 2nd )
St Canice’s
(Ms Maher’s 5th )

St Brendan’s
Mr Hannigan’s 6th


St Thomas’s
(Ms McGrath’s 2nd – 6th )

Join with the other classes throughout the year.

Information for Parents About Mumps

Can mumps be prevented?

The MMR vaccine provides protection against mumps, as well as measles and rubella. Routine MMR vaccination is recommended at ages 12 months and 4-5 years. Immunity acquired after contracting the disease is usually life long.

Does vaccination work?

About 90% of people have immunity against mumps after one dose of the MMR vaccine. After two doses 99% of people have immunity. For more information about the MMR see:

Mumps facts

Mumps is most contagious from 2-4 days before until 4 days after the onset of symptoms.
Serious complications of mumps are more common among adults than among children.
Women may be at risk for spontaneous abortions if they get mumps while pregnant.
About 1 in 4 of adolescent or adult men who get mumps may experience painful swelling of the testicles (sterility rarely occurs).
Rare complications caused by mumps include an infection of the brain (encephalitis). Other rare complications include meningitis, arthritis, deafness and inflammation of thyroid gland and breasts. 
Mumps can be prevented with the safe and effective MMR vaccine.
You cannot get mumps from the MMR vaccine.
Under legislation cases of mumps are reported by doctors and laboratories to public health authorities

If you need more information, talk to your GP, Area Medical Officer or Public Health Nurse or contact:

Department of Public Health
 Health Service Executive 
Mount Kennett House
Henry Street, Limerick
Tel: 061 483337   Fax: 061 464205

Last revised: October 2013
Health Service Executive (West)
Information leaflet for parents

(Clare, Limerick & Tipperary North)

Department of Public Health

What is Mumps?

Mumps is an acute viral disease that is spread from person to person by droplets from the nose and throat caused by coughing or sneezing.  It can also be transmitted through kissing and other direct contact with saliva. Usually close contact with a case is needed for transmission to take place. 
People who have mumps can spread the infection to others, even when they do not have any symptoms or their illness is mild. 
Mumps usually occurs in children between ages of 5 and 15 years. However, disease is also seen in adulthood. It occurs more frequently in winter and spring. 
There are up to 300 cases of mumps notified in Ireland each year. In Ireland during 2004/2005 and 2008/2009 large outbreaks of mumps occurred with many cases in those in third level education.

What are the symptoms of mumps?

Symptoms of mumps include a low-grade fever, headache and swelling or tenderness of one or more of the salivary glands in the cheeks, in front of and below the ear or at the jawline. Swelling of the salivary glands usually resolves in 7-10 days.
The infection is most likely to be passed on to others who do not have immunity from 2-4 days before the onset of swelling in the salivary glands to four days after. 
Symptoms can appear between the 12th and 25th day after the person has been exposed to the virus but usually occur 16-18 days after exposure. Some 20-30% of people infected do not show signs of infection. Others have only non-specific flu-like symptoms. Other infections and diseases can also cause swelling of the salivary glands. Mumps infection can only be confirmed by laboratory tests.
There is usually no specific treatment of mumps. Treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms. Your doctor can give you advice on this. Keep the child or adult cool. They should rest while feverish. Thick and smooth drinks will be tolerated more easily.

Are there complications?

Deafness occurs in approximately 1 in 20,000 cases. Mumps may also rarely cause encephalitis, meningitis, arthritis, pancreatitis or inflammation of the kidneys. Mumps infection after puberty may also cause: 
o Inflammation of the testicles (called orchitis). Sterility after mumps occurs very rarely 
o  Inflammation of the ovaries (oophoritis) 
o  Inflammation of the breast tissue (mastitis). 
Exposure to the virus in the first trimester of pregnancy may increase the risk of spontaneous abortion. 

How soon can someone return to work/school/childcare?

Someone who had mumps can return to work, school or childcare five days after onset of swollen glands. Cases of mumps in school and childcare settings should be reported to parents and health authorities. 

May/June ’15 
What’s On in Our School?

Parents’ Association Flag Day

The Parents’ Association have organised our annual flag day again for the weekend of the 6th and 7th of June. These days bring in vital funds to help the school progress. Please fill out the form sent home and let us know which time slot you are available for.

Nepal Talk

We made €470 in aid of Nepal Earthquake sufferers through our ‘no uniform day’, so thank you for the support. Sinead Daffy, mother of Fionualla who is out in Nepal has agreed to come in and speak to some of our classes about the current situation in Nepal.

Book Rental

We are running this scheme again this year to bring down the cost of school books for families. There is a large volume of work involved in gathering the books and preparing the book lists for each pupil. Because of this, the closing date for entering the scheme is May 29th, we will take forms up until Friday June 5th, but cannot guarantee access to the scheme after this date.

Green Schools

We have been awarded our 4th Green Flag for transport. Thank you to Mrs McCabe and the Greenschools team for driving us in the right direction and all students and parents who took part in walk on Wednesdays and supported other events over the past 2 years.
Our school is now a much safer place in the evenings when children are leaving. Could I just ask that people are mindful of where they park outside the gate in the evenings? Ensure that children can pass safely on the footpath without having to walk onto the road.
We will be raising our 4th Green Flag on Friday 12th of June. It will begin at 12.00 and all parents are invited to attend. Boys will be able to go home with parents after the ceremony. All pupils will be invited to dress in green for the day.


Our annual parish hurling match against the Gaelscoil will take place on Monday June 15th at 10.00am. Eire Og also intend to have some fun events like a long puck competition on this day. It should be a fun event to finish off the year.

Prayer Service

We will be holding a prayer service in the school on Monday 15th June to mark the retirement of two members of staff; Ms Anne Callanan, retired last June and Mr Michael Ryan, who shall be retiring this June. Representatives from the Board of Management and Parents Association will join with our school community in thanking both members of staff for their contributions to our school and wish them a healthy and happy retirement. The prayer service shall take place at 1.30pm in the GP Room.


Athletics has begun again this year on Wednesday the 20th of May and will continue for all classes for 6 weeks. We are hugely appreciative to the volunteers from Nenagh Olympic Athletics Club.
Please see attached slip in relation to athletics.

6th Class Mass

A mass for our 6th class pupils will take place on Friday the 19th of June. It is a mass celebration marking the end of their primary school experience and looking ahead to secondary school. We look forward to seeing all the boys’ parents present on the day.

Down Syndrome Ireland Ice-cream Funday

Both 2nd Classes and Ms Ryan’s 2nd to 6th Class will be taking part in the above event during the week commencing the 8th of June. Students in these classes are asked to bring in €2 each towards Down Syndrome Ireland.

Antibullying Poster/Slogan Competition 

Our antibullying awareness team are again running the above competition this year. We are delighted this year to have the prizes for this competition sponsored by Eire Og Club in their endeavours to combat bullying in the community. We have €20 vouchers each for the junior and senior end winners in each competition.

School Tours

Each class is taking part in their school tour on various dates between now and the end of the year and each class will send out letters of information before hand. We hope that each and every child enjoys these fun days. As they are a part of the school day a reminder that mobile phones are not allowed to be used.

School Closures

June Bank Holiday; the school will be closed Monday the 1st & Tuesday the 2nd of June.

Summer Holidays; the school will close on Friday the 26th of June at 12.30.


A reminder to all parents that the school uniform must be worn at all times during the school day. When wearing our tracksuit, please ensure your son is wearing the designated grey polo shirts and not various sports jerseys. 
Black shoes/runners should be worn at all times too. If for any reason your son does not have his required black shoes, we have pairs down at the office that we can loan them for the day. In the interest of fairness, boys will not be allowed on the yard with other colour shoes.
Keep an eye on our website for notes and reminders.

What’s On in Our School?

March ’15 

Parents’ Association AGM

The School Parents’ Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Monday the 2nd of March at 8pm. We urge all parents to attend. You will not be handed a job if you go, but it is an important way to build the school community and show an interest in your child’s education.

Easter Draw

The Parents’ Association have also organised a draw for Easter to raise funds for the school. Each pupil will be given a card to sell. There will be great prizes including a Tablet, Proctor and Gamble Cosmetics Hamper, Lego and many more prizes. Each pupil who returns a completed card will be put into a draw for an Easter Egg (2 per classroom).

Health & Safety/ Green Schools

Keeping the front gate closed in working towards our 4th green flag has proven very successful. The front of school yard is a much safer place in the evenings. We will be keeping the gate closed and reviewing the situation periodically. We ask for your continued co-operation in this.


Our 6th Class debating team were again successful in carrying their motion in the second round of the Primary School Debating competition against Castleconnell National School. We will take on Scoil Mhuire, Pallaskenry in the semifinal of the Limerick heats on the 2nd of March. Interestingly, the topic for debate is ‘Nobody Should Have to Pay for Water’ – and we will be opposing the motion!!!


There is an indoor hurling blitz for 3rd and 4th classes on Thursday 26th February. This will be held in Eire-Og club complex and all students will be able to take part.
Hurling training will begin again in March; we will keep you posted on what evenings.


Our next writing genre is Procedural writing. We will also be learning the comprehension strategies ‘Skimming and Scanning’.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

This takes place from the 1st to the 17th of March. There will be plenty of activity in the school this year including a whole school ceolchoirm and a ceilí between each class and their counterparts from the Convent Girls’ School.
Beidh sport agus spraoi ag gach duine.

School Photos

County Photos will be here on Thursday the 26th of March to take school photos. Individual, family and class photos will be taken.

First Holy Communion

This sacrament will be celebrated with our 2nd Classes on April 25th at 11.00 a.m. in St Mary of the Rosary Church


All classes have recommenced swimming at Nenagh Leisure Centre.  Letters were sent out showing dates for each class. This can also be found in the parents’ section of our website.

Contact Details

If you have had a change of phone number it is very important that you let the school know straight away so that we can contact you in case of emergencies etc. 

School Closures

The school will be closed on Tuesday the 17th of March for St Patrick’s Day.
For the Easter Holidays, the school will close at 12.30 on Friday the 27th March and reopen on Monday the 13th of April.

What’s On in Our School?

January 2015 


Here is a copy of the letter that was sent out with timetable and information about swimming  Swimming Letter


We are delighted to announce that Pat Fitzpatrick is back with us, after his personal illness, to coach 5th and 6th classes in rugby. Training will begin Wednesday 14th January. Pupils are asked to wear tracksuits in on these days and have a full change of gear to wear while playing.


Hurling will begin again this term on Wed 14th & Thur 15th January.

Green Schools

Walk on Wednesday is continuing and going well. Again a reminder that there is no supervision of children before the walk begins.
We are currently applying for our 4th Green Flag in early March. Keep an eye on the Green Schools section of our website for updates.


Our 6th Class debating team were successful in carrying their motion in the first round of the Primary School Debating competition against Askeaton Senior School. Practice will continue through January as we await details of our next opponents. 

5th and 6th Class Talk, Nenagh College

Representatives from Nenagh College will be speaking with 5th and 6th classes on Tuesday the 13th January about choices for secondary school.

Catholic Schools Week

This year this celebration will be from the 25th to the 31st of January. 
There will be activities of prayer, reflection, hymns and art going on during the week within the school.

With the success of our Grandparents’ Mass last year we will be celebrating this Mass again this year. A letter will follow with details and requests for participation.
2nd classes will be working on projects on their grandparents with a view to displaying them in the church for this Mass.

Lego Project

This term sees our second Lego Project begin. This year’s theme is ‘My Ideal Sports Facility’. Each class must work as a team to brainstorm, plan, create and present their project. Judging the efforts this year will be Stephen Hanley of St Paul’s Boxing Club and Tipperary hurling legend Michael Cleary.


This term we begin a new writing genre, Exposition. We will also be working on a new comprehension strategy, Questioning.


All classes are continuing to carry out oral maths games which are proving popular. Each class teacher will also continue to explicitly teach the required maths vocabulary.

Credit Union Table Quiz

4th, 5th and 6th classes have been busy answering quiz questions in order to find representatives for our U/11 and U/13 teams to represent the school in this completion this year.

Eason’s Spelling Bee

5th and 6th classes have begun work to find out who will represent us in this competition this year.

First Confessions

2nd classes are mid preparations now and will be making their First Confessions on Tuesday the 3rd of February at 7pm in St Mary of the Rosary Church.

Website and Twitter

As always, this newsletter can be found in the Parents’ section of our website. Please also ensure you check out our website for monthly reports on what has been happening in our school and follow us on twitter.

Mid-term Break

 School will finish, as normal, on Wednesday the 18th of February at 2:50pm and be closed on Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of February.

Communication with School

A reminder that we are always happy to talk to any parent or guardian in relation to students’ progress or other issues of concern. 
Please make an appointment either by contacting the office or sending a note in with your child to organise a date and time. 

Teachers cannot leave their classes unattended for meetings during normal hours of school.

What’s On in Our School?

Dec ‘14

3rd/4th Class Futsal

3rd/4th Classes are taking part in an indoor soccer tournament. This will take place in Thurles on Thursday 4th December.

Green Schools

Our Green Schools’ Committee have organised their annual Recycled Christmas Decoration Competition. There has been a fantastic response. There will be individual prizes for each class, a best class and an overall prize winner who will receive a €30 voucher.  


6th Class boys are taking part in the Primary School Debating competition on Wednesday 3rd of December. They will be taking on Askeaton Senior School. The topic for debate is that ‘Every child of school going age should have a mobile phone’ 

Christmas Activities

Our Paper Mache Crib is in the front foyer for all to see. 
There will be mass in the school for all pupils on the 8th of December to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Confessions will be heard in the school on the lead up to Christmas for 3rd to 6th classes.
We will be having a Christmas Performance on Thursday 18th of December in which all classes will perform for the whole school. 
The Parents’ Association have organised a little surprise for each pupil on that day and there may be a visit from a very special Christmas Person........
To fund this on that Thursday the 18th, we will have a ‘Red or Christmas Themed Day’ where students can dress up in red or wear Christmas themed clothes and bring a donation of €1.


Our end of term assembly will take place on Tuesday 16th December. All classes have been working on report writing and winning reporters from each class will read their work to the entire school. On that day we will also be rewarding acts of kindness, 100% attendance and acknowledging other achievements from our first term.

Holiday Closures

School will close at 12:30 on Friday the 19th of December 2014 and reopen on Monday the 5th of January 2015.

“Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh.” 

What’s On in Our School?

November 2014

U/11 Football 

Training is ongoing for the u/11 football team. 

The U/11 football blitz will take place this Thursday November 6th in Thurles. Good luck to all involved.

Green Schools

4th Green Flag – In working towards our green flag we are continuing WOW – Walk On Wednesday this year. A reminder to all that students gather at St Mary of the Rosary Church and will be walked up to the school at 9.00am. Children are not supervised before this time. Thank you to those parents who have been volunteering to walk up with Mrs McCabe and the children and all are welcome to do so in future.

Sean Hartigan of An Taisce will be at the school November 6th & 7th to do bicycle repair workshops with all interested students.

Health & Safety

We are encouraging parents not to park in the school grounds. We would like to acknowledge those who have already made efforts to park elsewhere and walk up to the school for dropping off and especially collecting pupils.

Book Talks

Mr Shine’s class will be visiting the Library for a talk given by Niall de Burca. To honour the centenary of World War One, or the Great War, as it was known, Niall will put on a very special show explaining how the Great War came about, bringing this terrible event to life through the stories of the soldiers who took part in it.  

Marjorie Quorton is coming to the school to talk with 5th and 6th classes about her book ‘Corporal Jack – A Dog’s Life in the First World War’.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

P/T Meetings will take place Tuesday & Wednesday the 11th & 12th of November. Notes will go out with time slots and some teachers will be able to facilitate meetings outside of these times.

6th Class visit to Nenagh College

6th classes will be spending a school day in Nenagh College, taking classes and finding their way around to experience what it will be like in secondary school.

Science Week 

Science Week will be on from 10th- 14th of November. Lots of exciting events will be taking place.

  • Mrs Kelly will be demonstrating how to make bread with yeast.
  • Mr Buckley's class will make soup to sell. *Soup (Vegetable or Tomato) and bread will be for sale for €2.50 on Tuesday and has proven to be a great success over the past few years. Proceeds this year will go to the purchase of science equipment for the school. 
  • 5th and 6th classes will visit CBS Secondary labs to do fun science with Ms Guinan.
  • Arrabawn Creamery Scientists will do workshops with all class groups.
  • Ms Brophy will do workshops with all classes on chromatography and splitting light.

Sept 2014

What’s on in our School?


There will be a meeting for parents of children who will be receiving the sacrament of confirmation in 2015, next Tuesday 23rd  September at 7:30pm in St. Mary of the Rosary Church.  

Enrolment for the Sacrament of Confirmation will take place on Tuesday the 14th October at 7:30pm in St Mary of the Rosary Church. 


There will be a meeting for all parents/guardians of First Communion Classes tonight, Tuesday 16th of September at 7:30pm in St Mary of the Rosary Church.

Football Training

Football training for the u/13 school team starts tomorrow evening, Wednesday 17th September. Training will be after school and boys can be collected from 3.45pm.

Road Safety

Ciarán Smithers, Road Safety Promotion Officer with the Road Safety Authority, will be visiting the school on Thursday 18th September and Tuesday 23rd September.

Car drivers are reminded not to park in the areas marked with yellow lines and if possible to park in the military barracks or other safe collection point off of the school premises.


Tin whistle lessons with Ms Liston have started well in both 2nd classes this year.
In a joint venture between the CBS Band and our school, recorder will be taught to 4th classes with no incurred cost to pupils. This will begin Wednesday 24th September. Recorders can be purchased at a reduced rate of €10 from the school.

All-Ireland Fever

We will again have a blue and gold day on Friday the 26th September in a show of support for our county senior hurling team in the All-Ireland on Saturday the 27th.

Anti-bullying School wide Surveys

In line with our new anti-bullying policy, each class will take part in an anti-bullying survey this September in an effort to combat bullying in the school. 

Goal Jersey Day

Friday October 3rd is Goal Jersey Day.  Boys can wear their favourite team jersey and bring a donation of €2 which will go directly to GOAL’s work in the developing world


Éire-Óg GAA club are again sending a coach to the school. Hurling will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays, depending on class level.  All boys should have their own helmets. Helmets can be purchased through the school from the Cumann na mBunscol subsidised scheme for €35. 

County Tipperary Athletic Association Primary Schools Cross Country Championships 2014

These will be held on Wednesday October 1st in Thurles. We will be bringing competitors from 4th, 5th and 6th classes. Training has been going well at lunchtimes.

National Day of Prayer Friday October 10th 

We will be having a prayer service in the school for pupils to celebrate being part of our school community. 


The Credit Union Art Competition has begun. This year’s theme is ‘Artfest’, we look forward to seeing the pupils’ creative entries.


After last year’s success, we are again explicitly teaching writing genres at a whole school level. All classes have begun learning how to write a recount.
We will also be teaching new comprehension strategies to help improve students’ understanding of what they are reading. The first one we will be looking at is predicting.


This year we will begin a whole school approach to numeracy, to build on students’ current knowledge and appreciation of maths. We will begin by introducing maths games in all classes each Friday in line with the Máta sa Rang teaching approach. We will also be focusing on Maths vocabulary; ensuring children are equipped with the new vocabulary necessary to help grasp each new section of the curriculum. 

Autumn Nature Walk

This October Mr James Gleeson will be visiting our school again to take 2nd classes on a nature walk around the grounds of the school.  They will have great fun identifying  the signs of Autumn.

Morning supervision

Yard supervision each morning is from 8.50 a.m. 9.10 a.m.  Children will not be supervised before this time.


Please ensure that your child comes to school in their full school uniform.  Plain black shoes only should be worn, not shoes with coloured stripes or bands.


As you know we promote healthy eating in this school.  Breakfast bars, crisps, sweets, chocolate bars, sports drinks or any kind of isotonic drinks or energy drinks are not allowed.  Children are asked to bring home crusts, cores or skins in their lunch boxes each day.


Our new Code of Behaviour is in place from this September, please work with the school promoting good behaviour in school.