ICT in our school

We use Twitter to let the world know what is going on in our school. Why not follow us and keep up with what's going on in our school?!

Many Irish teachers use Twitter, for personal and professional use.
There are also many classes using Twitter to let the wider world know what is going on in their room.

Follow this link to a list of Irish Primary Schools that use Twitter.
Irish Primary Schools on Twitter

Tip: You can only use 140 characters (letters, numbers, signs, spaces) in a 'tweet'.
Use this handy character counter to see if you can write a 'tweet'! 

Each pupil in our school has access to a nenaghcbsp.ie Google Drive account.
This can be accessed here.
Google Drive is the up-to-date version of Google Docs.
There are many benefits to this system:
  • Teachers may share documents with pupils - no photocopying.
  • The school secretary may share notices with pupils - no photocopying.
  • Pupils and parents may submit forms through the website - no photocopying.
  • Google Drive allows pupils to submit assignments like essays which, when shared with the teacher, can be modified and corrected without typing out the whole lot again. In this way, the pupil and the teacher become collaborators.
  • Google Drive also allows pupils to create presentations and spreadsheets.
  • Teachers can create worksheets that the pupils can submit for homework.
Note: This account does not give pupils access to email.

Some of our classes are blogging using Kidblog. This fantastic, fully moderatable, online resource gives our boys a worldwide audience for their writing and encourages them to read the work of others throughout the world. This brings a truly international dimension to the classroom. Kidblog is extremely easy to use and to navigate, collating each boys individual work together to create a very impressive collection of writing by the end of the year. Kidblog is also proving to be highly motivational in encouraging boys to write for their own enjoyment  The blogs of Room 7 can be read here, where there are also links to the blogs of others.

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