Green Schools

Irish Aid Awards Project for 2018.

St Conalls took part in the Irish Aid Awards Project for 2018. The theme was sustainable development. Our project was to raise awareness in our school and throughout the world, about achieving equal, quality education in developing countries for all pupils.

Greenschools Christmas Decoration Competition 2015

Winners of our Annual Christmas Decoration Competition
Winners from each class receive a Selection Box, and the overall winner receives a voucher for Easons. Well done to all those who entered.

Room 1                 Zach Ryan                     Garland

Room 2                 Kevin O'Reilly                 Santa’s Sleigh

Room 3                 Martin Heveli                     Rudolph

Room 4                 Daniel Wu                       Christmas Hat

Room 7                 Peter Slattery                    Penguin

Room 8                 Shane Stanley             Advent Calendar

Room 9                 Jamie Kelly                          Rudolph

Room 13              Sean M Morrissey           Snowman

Room 14              Sean Shaw          Snowman

On behalf of the Greenschools Committee, we wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and a happy 2016.

CBS 2015
Christmas Decoration Competition

(Once again, we are setting a challenge for children to make a Christmas tree decoration out of recycled materials.)

Use only recycled materials
Try to make it on your own
Keep decoration small enough to hang on the Christmas tree
Clearly attach Name and Class to your decoration
Prize for best in each class
Overall prize: Book voucher
Closing Date: Fri 11th December

Good Luck

Grenschools Committee

We are currently pursuing our third Green Flag, for 'Travel'. 
Follow this link to keep up to date with our meetings.

We are nearing the deadline for our 4th green flag for Travel, and to seal the deal, we have decided to take part in the BIG TRAVEL CHALLENGE 2015
In The BIG TRAVEL CHALLENGE we are promoting PARK AND STRIDE in the month of February. The GREENSCHOOLS COMMITTEE think our school is up for the challenge. In doing so, we hope to make our school a safer place for our students going home
What are we looking for?

From 2nd -27th February, the front school gates will be closed from 2pm-3pm

We will be recording the results, and hope to win the E500 prize, which will go towards a fun day for the school
There is a Through road going through our Primary school, which is situated on the same grounds as the secondary school and Monastery. We were concerned about the traffic congestion and safety of our pupils outside our school, particularly at the end of the school day. For 30 years plus there has been a problem outside the school with cars parking, picking up their children, deliveries, cars taking shortcuts etc. Various initiatives have been tried, such as a “man” at the closed gates, a barrier between the schools, one way system etc. All were to no avail...until now! The current Greenschools Committee have managed to change parking habits and history!
We held various meetings, set up a sub-committee, and approached the Bord of Management to get permission to go ahead with the Big Challenge. We then contacted the Secondary school and Monastery to inform them of the challenge. We informed parents in writing and on Twitter of The Big Challenge. We told them we  would be closing the school gates from 2-3 every day for the month of February, and we kindly asked them to not park in front of the school during that time. We made a banner to put across the closed gates, and a “thank You” poster also. We decided to keep a picture diary to monitor our progress. The sub-committee met each driver outside the school, to inform them of The Big Challenge, and that they would be keeping a picture diary. A team was set up to close the gate, put up banners and police the footpath, every day for the challenge.
We have 100% success, we have been complimented by the Board of Management, Parents council, Gardai and local Authorities. Children are notably happier and safer leaving school, and parents are friendlier too!


Margaret McCabe 
Nenagh CBS

W.O.W Day 

We began our WOW Campaign with a poster  competition, involving all of the students, offering a snappy armband per class winner, and an Easons voucher for the overall winner. Using these pictures, we laminated some to make flags to carry on our launch walk, and we made banners to carry through the town as we walked to school.

Two days before the launch, the Greenschools Committee visited each class to remind them about the launch, and we handed out short fliers to invite family members to join us.

We then decided that we would enter the
 St Patrick’s Day Parade in Nenagh on the 17thMarch. Of course we will be re-using our banners for a third time. WOW!!!

To make it fun, we offered anyone who joined the human bus, a Homework Coupon. There was a 100% turnout, with many family members joining us, and we walked and sang together as we walked through the town. The press and a Garda escort through the town, completed the deal to make it a very memorable event. 

On arrival at the school, everyone ate a hearty breakfast, kindly sponsored by Lidl. We then held a whole school assembly, where prizes were given out and a photograph was taken for the local paper,The Guardian.

Poster Competition 



Walking To School

Breakfast Morning


  Bicycle Safety Course



On Friday, Sean Hartigan from An Taisce, came to our school to give the boys a bicycle safety course.We currently have between 5 and 10 bikes parked in our cycle bay each day, but we aim to increase that number. It was such a successful course that Sean has kindly agreed to come back again to trainthe boys who are considering cycling to school as an alternative to walking or travelling by car.


The green schools committee did a walkability audit recently. See their report below.


Our school has achieved the first three Green Flags, for 'Litter and Waste',  'Energy' and 'Water' Blog posts 11th January 2013 and 19th June 2013.

For more information about Green Schools Ireland, click on the green flag.

Our school also ran up for the An Taisce Green Schools Energy Project sponsored by ESB Electric Ireland, in May 2011. Click here for the Nenagh Guardian report and photograph. Click on the poster to enlarge.

School Garden

In recent years, come springtime, Ms Finn's 2nd classes and Mr Ryan's 5th classes have been rotovating and planting this area of the school grounds. They have grown a wide variety of fruit and veg and it has proven a fantastic learning experience for the boys as they learn how to grow their own garden.
First of all, the area is rotovated to clean it up and prepare it for planting.
Bulbs and seeds are then planted and Ms Finn and Mr Ryan's classes look after them.