9 February 2018

Lip Sync Battle 16th February 2018

Nenagh CBS Primary is hosting a Lip Sync Battle in The Abbey Court, Nenagh on Friday, 16th of February.

Proceeds are in aid of School Development.

There will be a variety of acts performing from associations and clubs in our locality.

Thanks to all who have donated and assisted our cause so far.

For more info please go to our dedicated facebook page;

Lip Sync Battle updates
Many thanks to the members of the McDonagh Cumann Fianna Fáil who presented Ms. Sheila Brophy with a donation to Nenagh CBS Primary. The Fianna Fáil Cumann recently held a table quiz to raise funds for our School Development.

Ms. Sheila Brophy with members of the McDonagh Cumann Fianna Fáil

Members of the Nenagh Lions Club society recently made a presentation to our school in aid of School Development.

                              Ms. Sheila Brophy with members of Nenagh Lions Club.

Many thanks to all.

5 February 2018

New Year's Update

Hot Dog sale
The boys from St Canice's class held a hot dog sale on Friday, 26th of January in the school to collect money in aid of funding for the school's new yard extension.

St Canice's class would like to thank all who donated as the boys gathered in excess of €340.

Also, a special mention to LIDL, Nenagh who provided the frankfurter sausages and Stapleton's Bakery, Roscrea who supplied the bread rolls.
(Both items donated free of charge)

St. Fintan's

Ms Glennons had a very busy January in room 3. We all participated in Operation Transformation 10@10 every morning. We learned about fractions in maths, homes all around the world in S.E.S.E and We also had ‘’Power Hour’’ in our class. Every boy in second class completed a project on our Grandparents. These were displayed in the church for Grandparent’s mass on January 31st. We made lovely hot air balloons in art’’ The Sky Is The Limit’’. 

St. Flannan's
This month we have been very busy preparing for our sacrement of Reconciliation for the First time. We also have been to Adoration of the Eucharist this month with Mr. Gerry Ryan. We celebrated Grandparents' mass too at St. Mary's of the Rosary too.
In maths, we have been learning about fractions and money.
In english, we have began to look at exposition writing.
In SESE, we have been studying habitats and had a close look at the crow. We also read the story of Fionn and the Giant's Causeway.
In art, we designed our own crow, our own monstrances and we also took part in the Our School Family Art competition which ran recently in the school.

St Enda's

This month St Enda’s have been focusing on getting healthy and active while working hard. We started doing 10@10 every morning which we really enjoyed. It keeps our bodies and minds focused and active. We started learning about Celtic myths and legends. We also went to a play which told the story of Fionn Mac Cumhail. We really enjoyed it.

St Eugene's

St Eugene’s 3rd class read a book about a football match played between German and English soldiers on Christmas day in 1914. We also learned about World War 1 and the poor conditions that many people had. 

St Declan's

In art, we learned about Wassily Kandinsky and abstract art and we also painted lighthouses. In science we learned about electricity, parallel circuits and used switches. We visited the Nenagh Library twice. In class we did maths tests and the first group of boys completed level 1. We held debates in class about ‘’Children should work instead of going to school’’ and ‘’Children under 15 should not be allowed to be on social media’’.

St Diarmuid's

St Diarmaid’s learned about Italy, cities, climate, food and the history of Ancient Rome. We also made pizzas in class and studied about Leonardo Da Vinci. We learned about Roman numerals in maths along with division and money. 

St Canice's

St Canice’s 5th class made hotdogs to raise money for the lip-sync battle. In maths we learned about adding and subtracting fractions. We are reading a novel called ‘’Under the Hawthorn Tree’’ and made charcoal art about it. We are learning about cloze procedures. We go to the library every week and came 3rd place in the Credit Union quiz.

St Conall's 

St Conall’s learned about Geata ban and Beal beo in Irish. 
We learned about the French American’s and Irish Rebellions in History.
We also made St Brigid’s crosses and wrote our own acrostic poems about St Brigid.

St Brendan's

This month St Brendan’s Finished our novel called ‘’Guns of Easter’’ and, took time to act out our favourite parts of the book through a few short sketches. We’ve been concentrating on ratio in maths and are now able to spot a good deal in the shops through using the unitary method, finding out how much one costs. We learned lots about the heart in science and its relationship with our lungs. We also analysed the ear. Lastly we focused on the coast of Ireland with its different bays, headlands and islands.

St Thomas'

22 December 2017

Yuletide Newsflash

Cluain Caoin Theatre Company

Today, the boys had a visit from the Cluain Caoin theatre who put on a wonderful performance of the young Fionn Mac Cumhail.

We met many fabled characters, great fun was had by all and the show was a great success.

Many thanks to all.

Thursday Assembly
The boys today came together to perform songs and poems to all the boys in the school.
There were some brilliant festive performances.

We also had a special visitor today.

Many thanks to all and have a safe and happy Christmas.

Wednesday Assembly

Well done to all of our winning report writers who read their pieces today at assembly. There were some excellent reports this year.

Some boys were recognised for their acts of kindness over the course of the month.

Also, we recognised the boys who have 100% attendance so far this year. Well done boys, keep it up.

St. Fintan’s
In English, we have been finishing our report writing.
In PE, we have been hurling and we also had a blitz against Corville NS, Roscrea.
We practiced for and performed in our Christmas show.
In art, we made a Christmas stocking.

St. Flannan’s
This month we have been very busy.
In maths, we learned and worked with lines and angles. We have been practicing how to approach worded problems.
In English, we have been finishing our report writing.
In art, we designed our own star decoration with popsicle sticks. We drew a cool Christmas tree using lines and angles. We also made a Christmas stocking and a Santa Face.
In PE, we have been hurling and we also had a blitz against Corville NS, Roscrea.
We also practiced for and performed in our Christmas show.
We also won the annual Lego competition this month for the junior end of the school.

St. Enda’s

December has been a busy month.
We have been getting ready for Christmas.
We sang carols outside the bank of Ireland and raised lots of money for the new yard.
We were practising for our Christmas concert.
We completed our report writing genre.

We also did some lovely art catching a snow flake.

St. Eugene’s

In English, we did the story of Christmas miracle. We also finished our report writing.
In Maths, we worked with our  multiplication tables 3d shapes, world problems.
In Irish, we focused on An Nollaig.
In Drama, we did our Christmas performance, Lapland’s Got Talent and we performed it in the GP room to our parents and grandparents.

In our science, we investigated heat. 

St. Declan’s

We spent a lot of time preparing for our Christmas show with St Diarmuids and St Thomas. We played 3 tunes on the recorder preformed THE GRINCH and danced and sang Rocking around the Christmas tree. The boys did a great job

In art, we made a crib out of clay and made pop out Christmas art.
Daniel won the report writing with a report about the David Walliams. 
We went to the church to visit the crib and say our prayers and also visit the library.

St. Diarmuid’s

We have been practicing very hard for our concert, “The Grinch who stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss.

 We made hot chocolate and lots of lovely Christmas art. We had great fun carol singing down town and a very proud of our selves for raising money towards our new school yard.

St. Canice’s

In December, we learnt a poem and a reindeer hokey pokey song for our Christmas concert.
We were very busy preparing for the Christmas concert. The parents really enjoyed it.
We made bruschettas and toasted sandwiches last Friday
We made Christmas stencil cards in art they turned out really nice.
We completed our Christmas door this week. The gingerbread house looked really well

On Monday, we were carol singing for two hours outside the bank of Ireland. We made lots of money for our new playground.

St. Conall’s

We made aliens of clay.
 David, Daniel and Evan represented the class to present our Lego project to Mr Scully. He especially liked our society Michael model.
Our class preformed Christmas is Cancelled, Kitty K rhyme’s and Love my Life by Robbie Williams for our Christmas concert

We made pancakes in school and tried out the recipe at home.

St. Thomas’

We had a very busy month preparing for Christmas. 
The class made huge effort designing our Christmas door. 
We did plenty of Christmas art and took part in the Christmas concert. 
We also went carol singing to raise funds for the lip-sync battle.
We did report writing on arctic animals and Kelvin Manning did his report on the arctic fox was the winner.

St. Brendan’s

This December was a very busy month.
 We prepared for our Christmas concert over the period. We preformed four our Christmas poem about the goings on in Nenagh C.B.S
We also gave a rendition of Dustin Christmas tree song.
 We used our snowmen at night art to decorate our room.

 It wasn’t all play however as we worked hard and completed our Christmas maths and S.E.S.E tests.