10 May 2018

Sports Day 2018

Sports Day at Nenagh CBS

Thanks to all who helped out and guided the boys in Nenagh CBS today as we had our annual sports day.

The boys all had wonderful fun.

It was a great day and even the temperamental weather did not get in our way.

The boys enjoyed a wide range of activities including;
Novelty courses,
Olympic Handball,
Tag rugby,
Tug of war,
Penalty shootout,
and a whole lot besides.

Thanks to all and well done boys.

3 May 2018

New Term news

St Fintan’s

We had a very busy April in second class. We spent the first two weeks preparing for first Holy Communion we learned lots of prayers and songs. We had a great day.

In Maths we learned about subtraction with renaming and also about length. St Fintan’s learned about the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. We painted their own ‘’Stamy Night’’, we wrote acrostic poems and also learned about Holland.

St Flannan’s
This month has been very busy for us.
We received our First Holy Communion on Saturday, 21st April.
It was a great day and all the boys did fantastically well.
In maths, we learned about length, 3D shapes and weight.
In English, we had power hour and also we have been looking at narrative writing.
In SESE, we have learned about the dandelion.

St Enda’s

St Eugene’s

This month we learned lots about Africa. In Geography we focused on the country Kenya. We learned about the famous landmarks in Kenya and we also learned about the cultures and traditions. The Maori’s tribe. In history we learned all about ancient Egypt. We did a project on this and it was very interesting. For the last two week, we have a new teacher called Mr Gubbins he is really nice and is doing lots of fun things with us.

St Declan’s

We learned all about the Titanic in History.
We have been researching all about Spain we are doing a project about Spain in small groups.
We made reading buddies holding our favourite book in Art.
We had great fun at the Athletics day. Daniel won two medals.

Valters, Daniel and Emmet are on the school hurling team.

St Diarmuid’s

We learned all about area, length and perimeter in Maths. We celebrated earth day and created booklets on how to recluse, reuse and recycle. We are learning about the different proving and countries in Ireland. In science we carried out experiments about heat and also magnetism.

St Conall’s

We entered the Design a book token competition.
We studied maps of all kinds in various formats.
Daniel, Oren and Victor won an art competition called “my Region, my dreams, we won an art pack, a set of postcards with their picture, and their picture was displayed in the European committee of Regions Hall.
Mr Gubbins visited our class and did percussion.
Well done to Ryan from our class who won gold in the javelin at the recent athletics meet at Nenagh Olypmic.
We wrote acrostic poems to celebrate World Earth Week.

St Canice’s

We learnt about sound in science and we made musical instruments from recyclable items.
We competed in the Indoor Athletics Competition and loads of winners.
In maths, we studied the circle. We used compasses to draw them and we also designed a circle of life.
In English, we started a new novel, “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo.

In geography, we designed our own maps of Europe and labelled the different countries and cities.

St Brendan’s

In April, sixth class received the sacrament of Confirmation. In preparation for the sacrament we went on a retreat to the Cistercian Monastery in Roscrea. This was organised by the parish. Everyone had a great day reflecting on the meaning of this special sacrament.

The Confirmation was a great day and all of the boys showed great respect to the significance of this milestone.

St Thomas’s

We learned about the life cycle of a frog. We went on a walk with Mr Buckley to find tadpoles and we are now being cared for in our school garden.
We also planted seeds in our school garden with Mrs Finn. We planted lettuce, beetroot, onions and courgettes.

18 April 2018

Athletics update

Athletics at Nenagh Olympic

Well done to all the boys today, Wednesday, 18th of April, who represented the school at Nenagh Olympic Athletics club at Ballygraigue, Nenagh.

Our boys competed in a variety of disciplines.

Some of the boys even managed to make the podium in some of the events.
Well done again to everyone involved.

22 March 2018

Lenten Learning

St. Fintan's

St Fintan’s had a very busy month in Rm 3.
We really enjoyed taking part in music, drama and prayer with the mission group. We also celebrated Seachtain Na Gaeilge with our Frása an Lae, seanfhocail competition and out lá glas.
The boys did a lovely rap as Gaeilge also recited a poem.  We also painted leprechauns.  
We are busy preparing for Holy Communion at the moment.  

We are also learning about the life-cycle of the frog with Mr. Buckley’s help!

St. Flannan's

This month, our class has been busy preparing for our First Communion.
In English, we have written our persuasive writing pieces and our class winner will present it at assembly.
This month, we had Catholic Schools' mission and we celebrated it at the concert at St. Mary's of the Rosary church with the whole school. We learned a poem, "Pianta na Scoile" and performed a rap, "An Ceolchoirm" as gaeilge as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge.
In maths, we have been learning about time, length and column subtraction.
We learned about St. Patrick's journey in Ireland and we also did some rainbow art.

St. Enda's

St Enda’s had a very busy month. We celebrated mission week in our school. We took part in many dramas, prayer services and learned lots of new songs. We also celebrated Seachtain Na Gaeilge.
We entered an art competition using Seanfhocail as our inspiration. On Friday we had a tráth Na gCéist. We performed our new song and poem for the school.
This month we visited Nenagh Castle. We really enjoyed our tour and learn lots of interesting facts about the history of Nenagh.  

St. Eugene's

3rd class re much involved in the parish mission and participated in the mission presentation in St Mary’s church. We are very excited and learned poems and a song called Trasna na dTonnta.
We also participated in a seanfhocail art competition.
In maths, we are very busy solving multiplication and division problems.
Our exposition writing is now complete.
In art we designed leprechauns for St Patricks Day.

St. Declan's

Seachtain Na Gaeilge, we played Irish board games it was great fun.
We also had a Tráth Na gCeist with St Diarmaids class.
We enjoyed the visit of the mission team.
Our class preformed Noah’s ark in the church.

We paid another visit to the library to change our books. We learned all about the life cycle of the frog. We are looking forward to seeing what happens to Mr Buckley’s frog spawn.

St. Diarmuid's

We enjoyed celebrating many events this month.
We were busy preparing for our mass during the mission which was great fun singing and dancing. We also enjoyed lots of events for seachtain Na Gaeilge.  We made lucky leprechauns masks and played lots of Irish games.

We also had a table quiz with the other 4th class.

St. Canice's

For Lá glas, we sang Dóchasií linn Naomh Pádraig and recited the poem Sneachta.
We also played cluichí Gaeilge and Trá Na gCeist for seachta Na gaeilge. We made leprechauns for St Patricks Day.
Dylan Kelly-McKenna, represented the school in the spelling Bee Competition. Well done Dylan. We had the mission in our school, from the 5th- 9th march. Sr Ina and Sr Rosaleen taught us some lovely songs and read lovely stories. We had a concert in the church on Thursday 8th March. It was lovely.
 In science we learnt about electricity and had great fun trying to make a simple circuit.
We made chocolate nests with Easter eggs, from Rice Krispies.

St. Conall's

St Conalls took part in the Irish Aid Awards Project for 2018. The theme was sustainable development. Our project was to raise awareness in our school and throughout the world, about achieving equal, quality education in developing countries for all pupils.

 Bhí sé ag cur báistí Ar an 15ú lá, ach bhaineamar an-thaithneamh as ár nám ag rith ar son na Gaeilge #Rith2018. Míle buíochas leis na buachaíllí as rang St Conalls. 

St. Brendan's

This March, we looked into directed numbers in maths. We saw how negative numbers are used in everyday life; when telling the temperature, playing golf and unfortunately our bank balance.
We also learned how it’s important to be safe on the internet. We learned a lot about food and nutrition especially about carbohydrates, protein and fats.
Lastly we sang “Riptide” as part of seachtain na gaeilge.  

St. Thomas'

We did lovely canvas art for Mother’s Day. We went on a river walk to look for frog spawn. We went on our Easter special to Cleary’s. We got lovely food. 

Odd Socks Day   (Friday, 23rd of March)
On Friday, the school held an Odd Socks day for World Down Syndrome Day 2018.

The boys wore, long socks, odd socks, coloured socks and patterned socks.

Assembly (Friday 23rd of March)

The school held an assembly for our exposition writers.
Boys from each your group read to the whole school their winning entries.
There were some brilliant examples of persuasive writing from the boys. Well done.

Also, Ms Brophy acknowledged our students who have 100% attendence so far this year.

Finally, the boys who displayed acts of kindness were also recognised. Well done to all.

Special mention to our postmen also.

Green Day  (Friday 16th of March)
As a lead up to Saint Patrick's day and as a way of  completing Seachtain na Gaeilge, the boys wore green to school. There was also an assembly where the boys performed poems and songs as gaeilge.