30 March 2017

Lenten News

End of term assembly.
Well done to all the winners at our assembly today.

We had the winners from each class read their winner procedural writing pieces to the school. Well done boys.

Also, well done to the boys who have demonstrated acts of kindness this term. It is great to see and shows friendship and thoughtfulness in our school. Keep it up lads.

Mr. Smith’s class

This month our class has been very busy as we are preparing for our First Holy Communion.
In English, we have seen how to follow procedures and have carried some out. For example we made jelly by following a procedure.
In Maths, we have focused on time and subtraction with renaming.
In Irish, we had Seachtain na Gaeilge this month. We learned a whole load of Seanfhocail and practised and used a series of frásaí an lae. We performed our poems and our song at the ceolchoirm. We also had our céilí with the girls school where.

In Science, we investigated sinking and floating using oranges and bananas and we got some very interesting results.

Mr Hannigan, Ms Glennon and Mr Hogan took our class and the third class to Nenagh Éire Óg for a hurling blitz.

Ms. Comerford’s class
This month, we have learned all about spring. We learned all about the animals and their young, and all the plants that grow.
We also learned about Vincent van Gogh and his famous painting The Sunflower.
We learned about time in maths and we are starting to learn about money.
We are practising hard for our first communion. 
Mr Hannigan, Ms Glennon and Mr Hogan took us and the third class to Nenagh Éire Óg for a hurling blitz.

Ms. Slattery’s class
March was a very busy month in room 2 in English.
We learned about procedural writing. After designing and making our own musical instruments we explained how to make them in over procedures.
In Gaeilge, we celebrated Seachtain Na Gaeilge. We enjoyed learning a new frása an lae every day along with seanfhochail, ról imirt and a Ceolchoim, as well as lá glas.
In geography, we studied rainforest then we chose an area about the rainforest we wanted to do a project on.
In history, we enjoyed learning about Egypt. In groups we compiled projects on this country
In art, we made leprechaun men mother’s day cards and musical instruments from recyclable materials
In sphe, we learned about various types of bullying and methods to deal with a bully.
In music, we are going to test our musical instruments in class
finally our swimming lessons in third class are finishing after 4 weeks in the swimming pool.      
Mr Hannigan, Ms Glennon and Mr Hogan took our class and the second classes to Nenagh Éire Óg for a hurling blitz.

Ms. Barry’s class
Ms Ó’Rourke was teaching us during this month and did lots of interesting things.
In science we learned about clouds and we even created a cloud in a jar! We watched and categorised cloud types.
In maths, Ms O Rourke group learned about length and we went outside measuring with a trundle wheel in the yard.
In Irish, we learned about an aimsir and we held some weather forecasts in the class it seemed to always rain in limerick
For mother’s day we made lovely cards to show mothers how special We are to us.
In English, we are now working on our procedure.

Ms. Hanly’s Class

We made beautiful mother’s day cards to give to our Mothers.
In History, we  learned about Christianity coming to Ireland and then we did pictures based on the book of Kells.
In Maths, we have been very busy doing our "Tables Challenge". Some boys managed to get to the end of level one and won a homework coupon.
Bhaineamar taitneamh as Seachtain na Gaeilge. We sang "Bí i d'tost is damhsa liom" (Shut up and dance with me) in Assembly and our poem "An Clog".
We participated in a tráth na gceist and everyone enjoyed it.
In Science, we investigated using magnets.
We learned all about Bullying in Stay Safe and enjoyed acting out bullying scenarios.
4th class are continuing recorder lessons with Mrs Curran while 3rd  class are doing hurling after school on Tuesdays.
Power Hour is continuing in our room until Easter. We are enjoying reading lots of different books.

Ms. Maher’s class
Sister Essie visited and asked about lent.
We had a great Seachtain na Gaeilge. We had a ceile. We had a Tráth na gceist. In the ceolchoirm we performed our poem and did a lovely rendition of Trasna na dTonnta.
We also got to make vegetable soup and we also made mini pizza.
Max represented our school in a spelling bee.
In SESE, we learned about bananas and leaves. 

Mr. Hannigan’s class
We worked in pairs to create mini projects on the war. We also looked at the amazing story Anne Frank writing our own diary entries. Seachtain na Gaeilge was very enjoyable also as we performed our song and poem for the rest of the school.
We are currently working on our procedure writing with the aim of creating a recipe book.
We also completed our 3 week block of swimming lessons with everyone having a great time.

Mr. Shine’s class

Ms. Buckley’s class
This month our class made some lovely window boxes. We also got to put flowers in them.
Our class had an incredible edibles class trip to funky doughnuts. 

3 March 2017

Spring is sprung


Well done to all the boys who performed in Nenagh CBS ceolchoirm today as part of the school's Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Here are some photos from today;

Well done to our Seanfhocail Art Competition winners.

Monthly Update

Ms. Glennon’s class
Our class had our Sacrament of reconciliation for the first time. It was a great day and a great celebration.
Spring art, we made daffodils and hyacinths to brighten up our room.
We also made fraction kites in maths and learned a new gaeilge poem called ‘an t-earrach’.
We are looking forward to writing our procedures this month.

Mr. Smith’s class
This month, we had our Sacrament of reconciliation for the first time. It was a great day and everyone did really well.
We have been practicing the Siege of Ennis and the Walls of Limerick in preparation for our Céili. 
In English, we dealt with adverbs and we were also wrote our own exposition writing pieces. Seba was the winner in our class. He wrote about why it is important for children to be active and that it keeps our bodies and minds healthy. Well done Seba. 
In maths, we have been looking at money and weight.
In art, we designed our own cards for St. Valentine’s day.
We also got to go to the Nenagh College for a hurling blitz.

Ms. Slattery’s class
In room 2, we enjoyed power hour in our room up to the mid-term break. We became very good at persuasive writing and developing our arguments.
D’fhoghlaim muid na céimeanna chun na ballaí luimnigh agus íonsaí na hinse. In maths we covered money, decimals and area.
In history, we learned about games and pastimes through the years. We interviewed our parents about the games we played in the past.
In geography, we learned about Egypt. In March we will do projects on this country. In art we designed our names using stain glass effect. We also worked with clay and made our own models.
In PE, we enjoyed getting fit and doing did 10 @ 10 every day in our class room. We also completed a 2km challenge.
Finally in SPHE we learned about friendship and bullying. 

Ms Hanly's class
We learned about long multiplication.
We are doing a maths tables challenge which involves answering fifty questions in a short space of time.
Micky Toohey won the exposition writing for his class.
We finished off painting some aliens which look really good.
 We also did some valentines cards.
We took videos of each other presenting projects.
We also recently started power hour.

Ms Barry’s class
This month, we celebrated Valentine’s Day by sewing cushions for our valentines.
We also made friendship poems in stay safe.
Cillian was the winner of our expositional writing- he wrote a great letter to Ms. Brophy asking for a basketball hoop in the junior yard and it was very convincing.
In Irish, we learned about sa bhaile and we are moving on to An Aimsir anois.
We learned all about money in maths.
At the end of last month our new teacher Ms O’Rourke began to teach them and will be doing so for three weeks. We are very excited about all of the fun things she will teach them.

Ms Maher’s class
Ms Maher’s did 10 @ 10 to support operation transformation.
We made valentines cards to show our love for someone special.
We made comic strips about cartoon characters of our choice.
We went athletics and Luka and Henry won medals for our javelin throw.
In maths we learned all about fractions, decimals and percentages.
In Irish we learned about sa bhaile.
We started back swimming.
We started back rugby and the first week we got absolutely soaked.
We also went to the library for 40 minutes to read books and we returned our books.
Kuba and Michael won medals in futsal for coming in the semi-final.
We also did soil testing.

Mr. Shine’s class
We read about France in our geography books and decided to make astonishing French projects for everyone to admire.
On the 3/2/17 we held a debate against Thomond primary school and we beat them and on the 28/2/17 we will hold another debate against Castleconnel national school.
Mateusz Pluta won our expositional writing with an extraordinary exposition about children should spend more time outdoors than indoors.
We did shapes and the surface area in maths.
We did a World War 1 project in history.
Mary Dillon was kind enough to come to our two 6th classes and speak to us about R.S.E.

Mr Hannigan’s  class
This month we finished our novel holes. We also watched the film and compared the novel to it.
We also completed our exposition writing. Donal Coffey was our winner who wrote his own thoughts about Arsene Wenger being sacked as the arsenal manager.
 Some mini projects of the landmarks of the world were made and presented to the class.

Mr. Buckley’s class
We made St. Brigid’s crosses for St. Brigid’s day.
We learned about the circle and did circle art.
We did Celtic designs from the past.
We have groceries that were added to our shop.
We made valentines cards to show our love for someone special.
We grew hyacinths and brought them home.
We had our breakfast morning.
We made special scones with Ms. Kelly.
We went swimming on Tuesdays with Ms Maher and Mr Smith.