1 October 2018

A New School Year at CBS Primary

Our New Senior Yard

Our new yard is up and running and the boys from 4th, 5th and 6th classes used it today for the first time.

Here are some photos of the boys enjoying their new surroundings.

by Ian and Seán

St Gall’s class
This month has been a very busy month for our class.
In maths, we have been looking at patterns in the hundred square. We looked at subtraction and place value.
In English, we have begun Recount writing.
In SESE, we have been learning all about our locality.
We investigated the composition of soil.
We also learned about the story of St Gall.
In art, we created our All about me booklets. We are new to the school so these booklets are displayed outside our room so people can learn more about us. We also looked at mixing colours and we also made some scribble art.
Our class also started swimming at Nenagh Swimming Pool.

St Goban’s class
Rm 3 would like to welcome the now 2nd class to our school. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.
We read the “Enormous Crocodile” and complete projects on it. We also learned about Roald Dahl.
We did art and mixed colours and painted a colour wheel. We started Hurling with Bertie Sherlock. And now have started power hour once per day.

St Fintan’s class
We are all happy to be in 3rd class this year. We have learned all about autumn and we are collecting leaves and conkers for our nature table.
We are reading ‘fantastic Mr. Fox’ in class and we have painted lovely pictures of Mr. Fox.
We have started hurling this week which was great fun. We also had a visit from a visit from clean recycling Ireland and we learned all about the process of recycling.

St Flannan’s class
We made our own compost experiment we caught worms, and put them in soil with or leftover lunch e.g. apple cores, carrots, bread crusts. We keep an eye on them every day and we can see how important worms are for keeping the soil nourished.
Clean Ireland recycle came to our class to talk about how important it is to recycle. We also watched a video to see where our rubbish goes after we put it in the bin.

St Enda’s class
Ms Boland’s 4th class are learning about trees and leaves and are planning on going on a nature walk around the school, to learn more about biodiversity week.
We did some wonderful art where we had a black dot on a page and we could draw whatever we wanted.

St Declan’s class
We made our own doodle art to express our creativity and our drawing talent by drawing whatever we want. We also hope to start baking on the last Friday of every month starting this Friday.
We started rugby this week with Pat Fitzgerald. We also learned about houses and different types of settlements people around the world such as, igloos, Egyptian clay brick houses, bungalows, two stories and much more.

St Diarmuid’s class
We constructed paper house origami, the ancient art of paper folding.
We composed poems on “Wild Wonders and Imagined Worlds”, and we also created pictures of our creations.
Ryan and Michael represented our class at the Cross Country in Thurles. We are doing athletics and yard games for P.E .

St Canice’s class
St Canice’s have begun our 6th class adventure with Ms Brophy as our class teacher.
We met our new school priest Fr Rexan and we started creating memories in our Confirmation Year book.
We are all trying our best to get our sentences on the wall for sentence of the year. We all wrote poems for the Dromineer Literary Art Festival Competition and typed them up in the computer room.
We have been performing Readers’ Theatre each week; we started with The Legend of Slappy Hooper, we then performed How Violence is Ended and finally The Legend of Lightning Larry. We are really enjoying these performances and our reading fluency is improving.
We are enjoying the challenge of our Countdown Numeracy Conundrums each day.
We are improving at our tables with the Maths Frenzy Challenge.
We also carried out a survey of the whole school to find out what types of homes people live in and created a graph to show our results.
I nGaeilge bhíomar ag fomhlaim an tábhar ‘Mé Féin’. Chuamar timpeall an tseomra ag cur ceisteanna do gach duine agus rinneamar graphanna ar na ríomhairí leis na freagraí. Fomhlamar na dánta, Ceisteanna, Pianta agus Stráinséir.
In Art we designed our own Art Folders, we studied and drew seashells and we created comic strips.
Science , History, Geography
In Science we discussed the properties and characteristics of rubber and plastics as well as rice and we made our own stress balls.
We made a timeline in History, starting at 7000BC in Ireland with Stone Age Hunter Gatherers, through Stone Age farmers and onto the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, early Christian Settlers followed by the Vikings and then the Medieval Period.
In Geography, we learned about our locality. We did a study of the types of homes people live in, approximately 75% of the pupils in our school live in a house in an estate. We also learned about our place in existence from our town, county, province right through to our solar system.
We had rugby with Pat Fitzpatrick as well as a bit of athletics to prepare for the Cross Country Races in Thurles.
Ben Walshe came 1st and Cian Carmody came 4th in the Cross Country event and the rest of our class who took part really enjoyed the experience.

St Conall’s class
We started our novel called “The Guns of Easter”. It tells the story of Jimmy Conway a 12 year old boy who lives in Dublin and experiences the 1916 rising.
We looked at World War 1 and how it started. We also studied the working’s of eye this month.
Swimming started this month and we are looking forward to the four more weeks that is left. We look forward to Tuesdays.

St. Thomas’s class
The boys are delighted to be back at school. We had a busy month. We joined the library and went on weekly trips to change our books.
Charlie and Mikey went cross country running and both ran very well.
Karlis and Charlie have started hurling Gerry and Mikey have started rugby we are also swimming once every week
We learned all about autumn this month and planted nature walk.

18 September 2018

New School Year

CBS would like to wish a belated welcome back to all students and staff.

Below is an outline of the upcoming school year.

School Calendar 2018/2019

School Re-opens           Monday, Sept 3rd, 2018 – Half day close at 12.30pm

September                      Monday, Sept 17th, Staff Professional Development
                                      Half day close at 12.30pm

October                         Friday, Oct 26th, Presidential Election
                                      School closed

October Mid-Term        Closed Monday 29th Oct – Friday 2nd Nov, 2018 inclusive.   
                                     Re-open Monday 5th Nov, 2018.

Christmas Holidays      Closed Friday 21st Dec, 2018 12.30pm – Friday Jan 4th, 2019 incl.
                                      Re-open Monday 7th Jan, 2019.

February Mid-Term      Closed Thursday 21st Feb & Friday 22ndFeb, 2019 incl.
                                      Re-open Monday 25th Feb 2019.

St. Patrick's Weekend      Closed Monday 18th Mar, 2019.
                                           Re-open Tuesday 19th Mar, 2019.
Easter Holidays          Closed Friday 12th Apr at 12.30pm – Friday Apr 26th, 2019 incl.
                                   Re-open Monday 29th Apr, 2019.

May Bank Holiday         Closed Monday 6th May, 2019
                                         Re-open Tuesday 7th May, 2019
June Bank Holiday        Closed Friday May 31st to Tuesday Jun 4th, 2019 incl.
                                      Re-open Wednesday 5th Jun 2019.

Summer Holidays          School Closed Friday 28th Jun 2019 at 12.30pm

Confirmation                     Saturday, May 11th, 2019.

Communion                       Saturday, May 18th, 2019.

We wish the very best to all in our school.

20 June 2018

End of Term News

St Flannan's
We really enjoyed our active schools week.
Judo, Water safety, tug of war, were some of the activities we participated in. Barry Coffey  also came to see us.
We completed the 3 peaks challenge. We actually at the moment trying to climb Olympus Mons.
We went on a school tour too. We went swimming in the morning. We had a picnic in the park and then in the afternoon we went to the cinema. It was great fun.

We are getting ready to say goodbye to Ms Hayes. She is retiring. We wish her all the best. Thank you Ms Hayes.

St Fintan's
We really enjoyed our active schools week.
We took part in a lot of activities including Judo, Water safety, and tug of war and also Barry Coffey came to see us.

We completed the 3 peaks challenge and did the river walk.

We really enjoyed our school tour with Mr. Smith’s class. We went to the pool, the park and then the cinema.
We are getting ready to say farewell to one of our favourite teachers, our deputy principal Ms. Hayes. St. Flannan's would like to wish her all the best of health and happiness in the future.

St Eugene's

St Enda's
This month we have really enjoyed the fine weather, we had one school tour which was so much fun! We played football, golf and had lots of treats.

We took part in active schools week, We did a judo class, walked up mountains, had a tug of war and lots more. We had lots of trips to the park and we made a picnic, had it in the castle field, we are ready now to enjoy our summer holidays!

St Declan's

We enjoyed our school trip to Nenagh cinema to see ‘Jurassic world’. We visited Supermacs afterwards.
We also went to Nenagh Fire station we had a tour of the station, sat in the fire engine and had a go spraying water, it was great fun!
We held a soccer league with St. Diarmiads class. Morocco won the league.
Our class were lucky to go to the full county final in Thurles, Daniel, Valters and Emmet were on the team, we cheered on the team to a great victory!
Finally we went to Nenagh Park for a picnic lunch.

St Diarmuid's
We had a great time playing a soccer league between room 12, 13 and 14. We enjoyed ice-creams in the sun and visited the fire station, the cinema, Supermacs and the town park.
We really enjoyed active schools week especially our visit from Barry Coffey. We are very excited to move classrooms and begin 5th class, but we will be sad to say goodbye to Ms. Hayes, who is retiring. We wish her the very best and hope she visits us soon.

St Canice's

In the county final, we beat Tipperary Town CBS.  
We made hot dogs for lunch and ate them in the community garden. We wrote very interesting narratives and the winner was Joey . 
We participated in active schools week.  
We made pesto pasta. 
We made delicious brownies. 
We went to the cinema to see Jurassic World and then went to Supermacs for lunch. We really enjoyed athletics on Wednesday’s.
On Thursday, we will have an end of year mass and will be saying farewell to Ms. Hayes.  We would like to wish her good health and happiness in her retirement.  Thank you Ms Hayes for all you have done. 

St Conall's

We went on our school tour to Kilmanham jail and to the Irish Aid centre in Dublin.
We ate our lunch in the nenagh gardens, and had our dinner in junction 14 at the way home. We visited Nenagh castle and the heritage centre.

We iced buns and took part in active schools week. We donated €60 to the special summer camp Nenagh, our clean up committee were presented with certificates in appreciation of all their hard work cleaning up the school grounds.

St Thomas

Summer Assembly

Narrative winners and Donal Ryan 
Today the boys had their narrative writing assembly. Winners from each class got to read out their narratives for the whole school to hear.

We also had a guest visitor.
Donal Ryan, author and past pupil came to listen to the boys' s narratives and also give appraisals and advice to the boys. 


Well done boys and thank you Donal.

Anti bullying poster competition 
Ms Brophy awarded the boys who designed the best posters promoting anti bullying.
Some of the boys designed beautiful, eye catching images and encorporated them with great slogans.

100% Attendance Also today we recognised our 100% attendees for the year. 

Well done to Charlie, has not missed a single day in his entire time in Nenagh CBS. 

Also, Ms Brophy recognised the boys who displayed acts of kindness during the term.

13 June 2018

Sunny Summer Updates

Active Sports week
The boys are currently in the middle of active sports week. We are lucky to have so many fun activities.

Three peaks
The boys are really enjoying active sports week this week at Nenagh CBS primary.

We are attempting the Three Peak challenge this week.
On Monday, the boys tackled Carrauntoohil.
Tuesday, the lads tried to best Mont Blanc.
Thursday, we will try to scale the summit of Everest.

There may be a bonus peak for us to try and scale.

Black Eagle Judo
Black Eagle Judo came to us on Tuesday and Wednesday.
James and Ciarán, introduced and showed the boys the basics of Judo. 
They demonstrated and got the boys engaged in fun Judo based warm-ups and games.
The boys really enjoyed the visit of Black Eagle Judo to Nenagh CBS.

Nenagh Olympic
We also went to Nenagh Olympic this week. 
Thanks to Nenagh Olympics for all the excellent challenges, games and activities they have arranged and set up for us.

Tug of war
We will also have a Tug of War tournament on Thursday.
Groups competed against eachother. 

There was some real competitive match ups and the boys did well in conditions that was conducive to entertaining Tug o'war.

Barry Coffey
Nenagh's own Barry Coffey of Glasgow Celtic and Ireland u17's will be coming to the school on Friday. Barry is coming to speak to the boys, sharing some insight and fielding some questions.

The boys are really looking forward tomeeting and chatting with Barry.

County Final

Well done to our boys who defeated Tipperary CBS in the u11 Hurling B County Final today at Semple Stadium.

The boys put in a very strong performance in front a strong supporting crowd.

The game ended with a final score of; 
Nenagh CBS 9-05 - Tipperary 3-06.

Well done to all.

Barry Coffey was also at hand to present the u11 team with their medals today.
Barry was a keen hurler himself.
Thanks to Barry and well done to the team.